Billing and payments

Nightingale cpu.xsmall instances are free. If you want to run larger instances, you'll need to add funds to your project first.

Our payment process is optimized for researchers in an academic setting who rely on someone else for credit card payments. It's just as easy if you have your own credit card though.

  • In your project, click the Billing tab and enter an email address and requested funding amount.
  • The email recipient will get an invoice that they can pay by credit card.
  • As soon as they pay, you'll see the funds appear in your project.


  • Funds are applied to projects, not people. Anyone who is a member of your project can create billable instances that consume project funds.
  • The payer does not need to be a registered Nightingale OS user. You should never, ever share your login with a payer because this violates the data use agreements between you, Nightingale, and our data partners.
  • You can have any number of payers. If you have collaborators at three universities, you can easily have each university contribute funds to your project.

As a nonprofit, we are providing computing resources at as close to cost as we can. If you're patient, you can go a long way with our free cpu.xsmall instance size. For researchers who need additional help, we are working with our charitable funders to provide scholarships that ensure open, equitable access to use Nightingale data.

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